Technology Consulting

3 years rich experience in developing Technology Consulting:
       ● Infrastructure refreshment projects.
       ● Network Design
       ● Implementation of specific well described features
       ● Infrastructure capacity planning.

Subject Matter Expertise
• Act as visionary and strategist for solution product area
• Survey market landscape for solution insights, direction, vendors, and methods
• Provides expertise to identify and translate system requirements into software design documentation,
• Work with technical writers to ensure quality internal and external client-oriented documentation
• Speak at trade conferences and seek authorship opportunities in trade publications
IT Service Management
• IT service management provides the disciplines of business service management and IT portfolio management
• Especially in the area of IT planning and financial control, ITSM is generally concerned with the "back office" or operational concerns of information technology management i.e.operations architecture
• ITSM solutions from us may be seen as analogous to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) discipline for IT.
IT Asset and Inventory Management
• Uncover savings through process improvement and support for decision making
• Gain control of the inventory
• Increase accountability to ensure compliance
• Enhance performance of assets and the life cycle management
• Improve Availability Time of the Business/Applications/Processes
• Prevent data breaches through proper disposal of out-dated inventory
IT Strategy
• Provide guidance to enterprises in leveraging IT to move the business forward
• Helping IT organization can provide greater value to the business
• Identifying the IT capabilities and strategies needed to exploit emerging business opportunities
• Provide the appropriate IT strategy and application blueprint—as well as a plan we can implement with organizations.
• Improve the operations and processes of the IT function, make it more effective and efficient, and align it more closely to business strategy